This Mess We’re in

The name of the show was taken from the song called This Mess We’re In by PJ Harvey but other than that, the show and the song have almost no connections. We found ourselves alone in a city where the sunset orders an end of another day. We’re in a situation where we lost all our connections to what was supposed to be. Like in the song a person calls “Don’t ever change now” but we all probably know that change is irreversible. The preparations of This Mess We’re In started more than a year ago with an open call where we chose the artists based on our common interests, topics and connections. But now after a year the only connection that still holds us together is a collective memory of what used to be. A memory related to body and structures. Personal memories and personal statements. An irony of What we did and What happened. In This Mess We’re In you will be like a helicopter flying between the skyscrapers across New York looking from high above. Going from one memory zone to another. Into the structure of thought and the architecture of a memories. Curator: Michal Jalůvka & Zai Xu We thank the Municipal District of Prague 8 and the Ministry of Culture Czech Republic for supporting the show.

Anna Bochkova, Olga Krykun, Barbora Lepší, Demi Glace

13. 8.–12. 9. 2021

Photography: Filip Beránek

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